Hunting 2017


Unfortunately there was no hunting for us in the first 2 months of 2017.

I had to cancel 11 days of hunting. Firstly I had influenca and was sick for more than 3 weeks.

I was not able to go out for hunting or something else. The 2nd reason, I had to learn for my German hunting license.

And YES, I passed mid of february for my German hunting license.

In shooting I was the best out of 50 participants and the best girl since a long time @LJV Hamburg.

Wohooooo so proud and happy 


04/03/2017 Natural blood tracking on wounded deer, Netherlands


As usual Sam did an amazing job and found the wounded deer.

Herewith he completed his 14th succesful natural blood tracking in 13 months.

Thank you to all hunters for their trust to calling my boys and me!


Track: nearly 100m

Waiting time: 10 hours

Proud Sam & proud me
Proud Sam & proud me


10/03/2017 Deer hunting in Drenthe / Netherlands

Again delicious meat, but firstly I let it mature for a couple of days




Sometimes I am absolutely thrilled and overwhelmed!


Today Sam & I were participant for the entrance exam of the STICHTING ZWEETHONDEN NEDERLAND "SZN" (the national blood tracking team of the Netherlands)


What can I say, Sam did his exam in a great way! But okay, I never had doubts about Sam and his style of working.

He is simply the best Working Weimaraner!

After Sam I had also an exam and I am very happy that I did it also in the same great way than my grey friend.


I am very proud to inform that SAM is the very 1st Weimaraner SH who is allowed to work for the national blood tracking team (SZN) together with me.


The sky is the limit for my golden boy!

21/04/2017 Goose hunting mid of the Netherlands

The very first time with my Browning 725Hunter & my grey boys

Yeah, way to go!!!

I shot my first 6 geese and my boys retrieved them out of water and from land.



Roebuk hunting in Drenthe, Netherlands


23/05 & 01/06/2017

Counting wild boars @De Vale Oude, Veluwe/Netherlands



Roebuck hunting in Germany


My very first fox!


Again fox hunting in Limburg, the Netherlands

I saw lots of deers, roebuk and hares but unfortunately no fox


Goose hunting West Brabant, the Netherlands


Pigeon hunting in NRW, Germany



Pigeon hunting in NRW / Germany


Pigeon hunting in NRW / Germany


Pigeon hunting NRW / Germany


Pigeon hunting in NRW / Germany