Offspring in their new families

Greyzone OTHELLO "Fluke", 8 weeks young and 1st weekend in his new family
Greyzone OTTO JAN, 8 weeks young, 1st day in his new family
Greyzone ODIN, 9 weeks young and 1st day in his new family
Odin was the last boy who left his mum

Greyzone ODIN
Greyzone OTHELLO "Fluke" 

All boys are following gun dog training, almost 1 year young
Below a picture during lesson of  3 of the 5 boys
Greyzone ODIN, Greyzone OTTO JAN, Greyzone OTHELLO



St. Hubertus hunting competition, Waanrode (Be)


Greyzone OTTO JAN (Kyle & Lolita) joined for the very first time a hunting competition in his homeland Belgium and is awarded with advanced hunting brevet 147/160 pts.


I am so proud of Otto Jan and his owner!


Huge congrats Jan & O-J and way to go.


Owner: Jan Maes

Breeder: Greyzone Weimaraner, Anik van Leuffelen