Silvespoir Kennel, Czech Republic

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About Farrah


Sire: ICh Sireva Drake

Dam: Ajda z Honsova sadu

Date of birth: 12.1.2008

Height: 64 cm

Weight: 33 kg

DKK: 0/0


Farrah was born in 2008 from the merger of English and Czech blood.

Father of Farrah is their Sireva Drake brought to the Czech Republic from the prestigious English Sireva kennel that has bred many champions of beauty and work. "Drake" is a dog of exceptional qualities of the exterior, the holder of the championships in many countries.

Farrah's mother from the Czech female Ajda Honsova sadu, whose roots go back to France - Kennel de Fresnel.


Farrah is a beautiful and noble female, strong bones, silver color coat. She has a beautifully shaped head, straight and solid back, strong chest, deep chest, excellent angulation and excellent movement. With flawless physique and excellent mechanics of motion is the recipient of numerous awards show.

At the shows in the Czech Republic but also abroad has become much "Class winner", "Best female in breed", "Best of Breed". The Slovak "Specialty Pointing Dog Show" won a very prestigious award BISS - Absolute Winner Specialty Pointing Dog Show! In May 2010, was nominated for the prestigious show in Europe at the Cruft's 2011th. In addition, she holds the title "Middle-Eastern European Winner". Farrah is also Junior Champion and Champion of many countries and Grand Champion of Slovakia. Its a very successful show career.


Farrah is a vigorous female with an exceptionally sweet, balanced, confident and totally easygoing nature. She loves children, adults of all ages and other dog.


Farrah, inter alia, also endowed with excellent hunting talents. When working in the field is also characterized by persistent and far-seeking and solid pointing game. Fresh trail follows the free voice. She is passionate retriever, excellent at trace game. Because she has an excellent sense of smell - nose she gives excellent results when working on bloody track. Last year 2009 we participated with great Abilities exams - I. prize and the Autumn exams - I. prize, 3 place! This year we successfully completed a Forest exams - II. price and Blood track exams - first prize and 3 place! Farrah is used year round for hunting practice.


For more informatations about Farrah and the upcoming litter please feel free to visit the HP of Eva Humpolcova of Silvespoir Kennel


Some impressions of Faithful Farrah Sirius Nova "Farrah"

Mating between Farrah & Kyle on 16./17. may 2014

It was LOVE at the first sight