News 2012


All our friends around the world we wish a very Merry Christmas!

For the New Year 2013 the best wishes, lets come your dreams true.



9 december 2012 CACIB Kassel (Germany)




Judge: Mr Theo Leenen (B)


AALTO Just Weimaraner (FCI) aka Kyle

Champions Class

Excellent 1, Anw. Dt. CH VDH, BOS winner, CAC, CACIB






28 november 2012




Today we're celebrating the 3rd birthday of our lovely boy


AALTO Just Weimaraner "Kyle"


We wish the A-litter of Just Weimaraner all the best!


27 october 2012 CACIB Hannover (Germany)


Judge: Mr Josef Pohling, Germany


AALTO Just Weimaraner (FCI) "Kyle"

Champions class

Excellent 1, CAC, Anw. D CH, BOS, CACIB,



Many thanks to honourable group-judge Mrs Gisela Schicker (CH)


We are very proud of our handsome boy!


20 october 2012


Time is running like crazy!


I will never forget, today 2 years ago I got a sms from my friend Just,

the breeder of our boy Kyle, that the birth of the D-litter started.


The whole day I kept my phone in my hand,

because I knew one of the little boys will belong to us :-)


The result, 4 girls and 3 boys - wohoo, so exciting!


7 wonderful weeks passed and every day I got lots of pictures, video's

and the associated reports.


And finally the day came - on 11 december 2010

 I boarded the plane to Poland to get our little baby boy,

called DEEP FOREST Just Weimaraner "Sam"


Where has the time gone?

Yesterday he was a puppy and today he is already a big boy and great hunter.


My dear sweetheart Happy Birthday and all the best!!!!!


And all DEEP'S of this litter we wish a very Happy Birthday and lots of fun!!


October 2012


After passing the bullet proof test, our Grey Ghosts Kyle & Sam

started their training blood tracking.


They are doing a fantastic job and it is incredible to see them working!


The 1st part of the training will be until end of march 2013.


The trails are in the beginning 20 till 24 hours old,

with a lenght of 500 till 1000 m.


In april 2013 we will participant on several trails

where we try to get some qualifications.


In may 2013 the 2nd part of the training will be start,

where the trails are 40 hours old.



29 september 2012


Today we all were in Merselo / Overloon (NL) to be participant 

of the bullet proof test.


Our both boys AALTO Just Weimaraner "Kyle"


DEEP FOREST Just Weimaraner "Sam"

passed the bullet proof in an excellent way.


We are incredible proud of our two boys!!!


Sam with the deer :-)
Sam with the deer :-)


22 september 2012


We are very proud to inform that the French girlfriend of our handsome boy

NL CH AALTO Just Weimaraner gave birth to 5 lovely and healthy puppies.


She has 2 boys and 3 girls!


EOS DEA DELL' ALBA Des Plaines de Montansou is a

wonderful mother and is doing a fantastic job.


Thanks first to EOS DEA and KYLE who did an incredible job!


For informations and reservations please feel free

to get in contact with Beatrice Bouchendhomme




For more pics please visit our page mating & progeny :-)


hello world, here we are......
hello world, here we are......


15 september 2012




Today it was the D-day for our beloved NL CH AALTO Just Weimaraner "Kyle" and me during the Dock Diving Championship of the Netherlands :-))


Our lovely boy did a very good job!


In the end of the day and after 6 jumps he finished on the 2nd place




We are so proud and happy!!!!



9 september 2012


KNJV retrieving trial organized of the Netherlands Weimaraner Club!


It was a sunny and warm day with around 30 degrees.

We met a lot of very nice people, and the best of all

was that our boys did a great job!!


NL CH AALTO Just Weimaraner "Kyle" got the KNJV C diploma.


DEEP FOREST Just Weimaraner "Sam"

got on his very first retrieving trial also KNJV C diploma and received

in the end the  2nd place.


We are so proud and happy!!!!


25 august 2012


WOW, what a day!!!


Today my fantastic boy NL CH AALTO Just Weimaraner "Kyle"

and I were participant at the KNJV proef (retrieving hunting competition)

in Valkenswaard (NL).


Kyle did a very good job and we received again the advanced hunting brevet, called KNJV B diploma.


I am so incredible proud!


25 august 2012








EOS DEA DELL' ALBA Des Plaines De Montansou was with her breeder / owner Beatrice Bouchendhomme by the vet and he confirmed the pregnancy!


So happy and proud!!


The puppies will be born around +/- 24 september 2012


For more informations and reservations please feel free to visit the homepage


send a mail to our adress :-)



27. july 2012


Finally we received the official document of KYLES

Netherlands Championship!

In the Netherlands you have to be best male for 4 times (the dog must be older than 27 months) and not like in other countries where it is enough to win the class.

We' re very happy about it, because we're waiting of this document a long time instead that Kyle already had all 4 points together before he was 24 months old.

So proud of our awesome boy ♥ ♥


24.july 2012


Our handsome boy AALTO Just Weimaraner "Kyle" meet his girl friend

EOS DEA DELL' ALBA Des Plaines de Montansou who is living in France.


Now we keep our fingers crossed for healthy and lovely puppies.


For more informations and reservations


15. july 2012


Our lovely boy DEEP FOREST Just Weimaraner "Sam" has passed

his very first KNJV hunting competition.


He did a very very good job and we' re incredible proud!


He passed his basic hunting brevet, the Netherlands KNJV C-Diplom

and won the 1. price in this group.


So proud, so happy........!!!!


Sam sitting in my/his chair :-)
Sam sitting in my/his chair :-)


24 june 2012


We' re very proud to inform that our AALTO Just Weimaraner "Kyle"

is getting married soon.


The young lady is called EOS DEA DELL' ALBA Des plaines de Montansou.


EOS DEA is living in France.

She is a beautiful female and excellent hunter.


Informations and reservations under


Petdigree of the future puppies
Petdigree of the future puppies


23 june 2012 CAC / CACIB OUTDOOR UDEN (NL)


Judge: Mr Theo Leenen (B)


AALTO Just Weimaraner "Kyle"

open class

excellent 1, BOS winner, CAC, CACIB


Netherlands Champion


Kyle very proud that he finished his NL CH titel :-)
Kyle very proud that he finished his NL CH titel :-)



18 may 2012

WORLD DOG SHOW Salzburg 2012


Judge: Mrs Ingeborg Bandel (Germany)


AALTO Just Weimaraner "Kyle" 

open class - excellent 3/12


DEEP FOREST Just Weimaraner (FCI), "Sam",

intermediate class, very good



The JUST WEIMARANER FAMILY as breeding group

was in the honor ring from the Italian judge Mr. Giulio Bezzecchi as the best Weimaraner group out of 5 groups selected.

Finally we were under the 16 best groups of the day out of totally 70 groups.



Many thanks to Justyna Czerny and her family for making these fantastic pictures and video's during WDS, Salzurg!


The Just Weimaraner family
The Just Weimaraner family

Wow, what a day at VDH European Winner Show in Dortmund onder honourable judge Erwin Deutscher (A)

DEEP FOREST Just Weimaraner "SAM"
1st time intermediate class
excel. 1, Anw. Dt. CH VDH

AALTO Just Weimaraner "KYLE"
open class
I would like to thank most sincerely Edwin Lenaerts, who has taken care very much about that I get help for showing Sam during BOS, because 2 dogs to show it's not possible at the same moment. :-)))
Really great of you Edwin, thanks a lot!!

Our congratulations to all winners!!

Furthermore, there was in the outside area of the show the West German championship "DIVING DOG".
This meant that a large swimming pool was built for dogs with a high diving board.
Anyone who wanted could before the start of the championship to try this with his own dog.
In case that our Kyle, is a real water rat jumped immediately from the diving board into the water.
The organizers found him a natural talent and asked if we wanted to take part of the championship, it would still be a place free.
Okay, we were there, what a "water" fun! :-)))

Kyle was second in the series and it was very exciting because the other dogs were really professionals.

Finally my wonderfull Kyle finished on the 3rd place in the West German championship DIVING DOG.
Besides a trophy, a medal and a great cover, he also won 7 days holiday in a hotel in South Tyrol.


19 march 2012

Gundog - Training with AALTO Just Weimaraner "Kyle" 

for the predator test (with fox)



Today it was a fantastic day.

In the morning we had around 8 degrees, lots of sun, no rain......

The perfect weather for gundog training :-)


So I went with my beautiful ghost busters Kyle and Sam to the forest / field to train a little bit.

In case that Kyle will have a predator test in april we trained for it.

He did it very very wel and I am incredibly proud of my boy.


Please click on the video to get an impression of our work

and hopefully you enjoyed it :-)))


03 february 2012 International Dogshow KC De Kempen, Eindhoven (NL)


Judge: Mrs Gerda Halff-van Boven (NL)


AALTO Just Weimaraner "Kyle"

 open class

excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOS winner


Kyle already has enough CAC's for his NL CH title but at this moment he is still too young to get it.