NEWS 2015


Last hunting day of 2015. 
Smal game hunting in Brabant, The Netherlands.

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A fantastic hunting day on wild boar with the grey boys!
Finally we had 12 wild boars, what a super day.
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Kyle & Sam
Kyle & Sam

11 & 12-12-2015

FANTASTIC news from Holland Cup & Winner, Amsterdam!!!

Pastis rocks in the ring 😍 

NL JCH MIRABELLE Du Bouquillon "Pastis"
In junior class @Holland Cup Excellent 1/4,  resCAC 
In junior class @Winner Excellent 3/6

Pastis is now 14 months & she already finished her JCH in the age of 12 months 
So proud of the daughter of my gorgeous boy Sam & lovely Zazie 

Huge congrats proud owner & breeder Anita and thank you so much !!
Pastis in the ring @Holland Cup
Pastis in the ring @Holland Cup


Again a great day full of hunting on wild boars, roe deers & deers. 
The grey boys did an amazing job! 

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NL JCH MIRABELLE Du Bouquillon "Pastis"
the daughter of our gorgeous boy Sam & the lovely girl Zazie is HD A!

Huge congrats to proud owner & breeder Anita Joppe


Another fantastic hunting day on wild boars & deers @frontier Netherlands / Germany
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COCO CHARMING LADY Silvespoir "Sara" a daughter of our boy Kyle
During a succesful hunting day in Czech Republic. This girl and her owner Jiri are doing a great job.

Thank you Jiri! 


Smal game hunting in Limburg (NL)
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Today we joined our very first wild boar hunting.
It was a great adventure and our boys did an amazing job!
They were able to let move a group of 9 wild boars. Finally 2 wild boars could shoot out of this group.
I am so incredible proud!
Looking forward to our next big wild boar hunting on tuesday 24-11-2015.

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Fantastic news @CACIB Bleiswijk, NL

MIRABELLE Du Bouquillon "Pastis" (Zazie & Sam) in Junior Class Excellent 1 and 

So proud of this beautiful girl and her owner/breeder Anita
Thank you Anita and huge congrats!
Sam's daughter Pastis almost 14 months
Sam's daughter Pastis almost 14 months


Kyle became father @kennel Van t' Harde Pad (NL)

Sunday 01-11-2015  Maddy & Kyle's little grey marvels are born @kennel Van t'Harde Pad (The Netherlands)
4 strong boys and 3 lovely girls.
Al pups are doing great! 
Maddy is a mother full of love and taking care for the puppies.

All puppies are reserved!

October 2015

Thursday 15/10/2015 it was the official start of hunting season in The Netherlands and we were a part of it! Now it's time again to go hunting two or three times per week, or more 😉
Our grey boys love to do it and I am happy to see them working and to see the "fire" in their eyes.

Waidmannsheil to all of you! 

To see more pictures please click on pic 😊
To see more pictures please click on pic 😊


Great results from Czech Republic!!! 

COCO CHARMING LADY Silvespoir passed PZ (like Germans HZP) in Prague with 296 points /300.
I. merit, 2nd place out of 18 dogs.

Huge congrats Jiri Fiedler & Coco, so proud of you!

26 & 27-09-2015

Great results for the offspring of my boys Sam & Kyle!

Saturday 26/9 CAC/CACIB Dogshow Maastricht (NL)
MIRABELLE DU Bouquillon "Pastis"  (Sam & Zazie) Junior Class Excellent 1 , opened NL Junior  Champion
This was Pastis 1st time showing in Junior Class!

Saturday 26/9 National Field Trial Smegorzow (PL)
ENTER Katafygi (Kyle & Afiba), 
FT Open Class 7 pts, Excellent, I. merit, place 2/10

Sunday 27/9 CACIB Dogshow Wroclaw (PL)
ENTER Katafygi (Kyle & Afiba) Champion Class Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Huge congratulations to the proud owners Anita Joppe (Pastis) and Marzena & Piotr Blonski (Enter) and thank you so much! 

I am very proud of all of you!





Sunday morning, 11 o'clock, the phone rings ...... 

A friendly man at the other end of the line says "Congratulations, your dog Sam is selected for participation  @Coldewey

Wow, my heart starts to beat faster, tears running down my face and I say only "Super, thank you so much" 



Sam, just 4.5 years young, selected as one of the best 24 pointing dogs of

The Netherlands, how amazing is that?! 

During the day, however, I have to admit that the timing is wrong. 

Mid -july Sam had a small injury. While playing crazy with Kyle he somersaulted and a pinched muscle was the painful result. 

Thankfully nothing serious, but an enforced break of 10 weeks was the result. 

No training, no hunting tests, no hunting competitions and no hunting !! 

This week we have started training. Firstly in the sugar beet for searching pheasants and the next day retrieving on the field, in the woods and in / over the water. 

Sam did it great! 

However, the Coldewey is already in 3 weeks - it's a 2-days hunting test, a pentathlon. 

That's too fast for us. We have to put too much pressure on us to be in top form in around 3 weeks. This is not responsible! 

For us it is a great honor to receive this invitation, to have the confirmation that Sam is a great all round hunting dog, but health has the highest priority. 


Meanwhile we have signed off us for the Coldewey. 

We will care responsibly build and expand our training, so that we still have a long hunting future together. 

In 2018 there will be again a GPJC and than we will be ready for it! 


AALTO Just Weimaraner "Kyle"
Proven working dog & proven stud of The Netherlands!

For more informations about Kyle please click on picture.

Kyle & Maddy - the wedding
Kyle & Maddy - the wedding
01. & 02-09-2015

I am very proud to announce the wedding between my stunning boy KYLE & the lovely girl r. 
The mating has taken place on 1 & 2 september and if everything is going fine,  
kennel Van t' Harde Pad, The Netherlands, expect an interesting litter in the beginning of november'15 

Maddy, her official name is Dreamtime Hunters ELIN's ESCAPE, is coming out of an old, english bloodline. 
She is a beautiful girl, powerful in the fields, a good retriever and with a balanced caracter.  

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For more informations and reservations about Maddy please click here...
Contact Liana Timmers, e- mail: 


In october 2015 the 5th edition of GPJC will taken place in Ossendrecht (NL)
It's a 2 days hunting test only for Continental Pointing Dogs and it's only once in the 3 years.

GPJC is a pentathlon consisting of
- CACT retrieving FT
- CACT FT blood tracking
- KNJV (retrieving land/forest/water, track & obedience)
- Judgement Exterior

Only the best 24 pointing dogs are able to be a part of GPJC.
There's a selection with points.
This means from each breed, the dog with the highest points is allowed for participation.
So every body is trying to get the highest points, of couse.

At this moment 5 Weimaraner shorthair are in the race.
A very good female in the age of 7 years and my boys KYLE & SAM are in leading position with the same points.
2 other dogs are following us with 1 point less.

Of course, I am trying to do my very best to be participant @GPJC with one of my boys. 
But in case that we do not have enough points one thing will be sure!!
Kyle & Sam will be in the TOP #5 of best all round Weimaraner of The Netherlands,
and it is something special to have 2 dogs on this high level.

Just let join us the next 8 weeks and hopefully we are getting lots of starting places in all different kind of hunting tests, so we are able to count some more points!


DEEP FOREST Just Weimaraner " SAM "
Proven working dog & proven stud of The Netherlands!
For more info about Sam please click on picture!


Yeah, Sam became father @kennel Weimcorner, Belgium

I am very proud to announce that in the morning of 30-06-2015 JACKIE LEE gave birth to 7 beautiful & healthy puppies - 4 lovely girls and 3 strong boys. 
Mum Jackie is doing very well and she is a fantastic mother! 

Thank you Annemie for all your trust in our gorgeous boy SAM

All puppies are reserved!

For more info about Sam please feel click here....

Informations and puppy pictures please click here...



ENTER Katafygi (out of Afiba & Kyle) joined Weimaraner Clubshow during WDS. 
Open class (14dogs) Excellent.
Unfortunately no placement but shortlisted by the last 5 dogs! 

Congratulations Marzena & Piotr Blonski!



Today Kyle's son ENTER Katafygi joined NATIONAL DOGSHOW Kalisz 
He is awarded with Excellent 1, CAC, BOB, BIG IV

Enter finished also POLISH CHAMPION!

So proud of this young boy who celebrate his 2nd birthday yesterday ❤️



I am very proud to inform that EYRIN Katafygi (out of Afiba & my boy Kyle) passed her hunting exam in a great way.
She is awarded with 280 points I.merit

ELIOT Katafygi (out of Afiba & my boy Kyle) is getting an education as
Explosive Detection Dog @police department, airport Prague 
He is doing his job in an amazing way and in future he will be a very important part of the department 

Thank you Jiri & Petra for this fantastic news!



We received the informtion by Annemie, WEIMCORNER WEIMARANER kennel
that Jackie Lee is confirmed in whelp!
Our handsome boy SAM will become father again.

In the end of june kennel Weimcorner expect a very special, versatile litter.

Can't wait to see the little grey marvels! 

For more informations please click here 
For informtions about Jackie Lee and her upcoming litter please have a look 



Yesterday ESHLY Katafygi (out of Afiba & our boy Kyle) passed her rescue exam by the 
international IRO RH-E FL with 182 points!

I am so incredible proud of this fearless girl and her owner Jindra Nečas.
Jindra, you are really the best rescue dog handler I ever met!
Thank you so much!
Eshly & Jindra during rescue training
Eshly & Jindra during rescue training

Carrie Faithful Love Silvespoir
Carrie Faithful Love Silvespoir

FANTASTIC NEWS from regional dog show, Czech Republic

Today CARRIE FAITHFUL LOVE Silvespoir (out of Farrah & Kyle) joined her very 1st show @age of 9,5 months.
Carrie is awarde with Excellent 1, WINNER, BIS III. female

Huge congratulations Vaclav Klein & Carrie, WTG ❤️


I am very proud to announce that my stunning boy KYLE became father.

In the early hours of friday 8 may the lovely girl Grey Classic's GOTTA KICK AZZ "Lolita"
gave birth to 5 strong and healthy boys.
Mum & kids are doing great ❤️

Thank you again Anik Van Leuffelen & Pascal  for choosing my boy Kyle! 
Can't wait to see the little grey marvels in real life❤️
Lolita & boys
Lolita & boys

28 April

❤️🐾❤️ JUST MARRIED ❤️🐾❤️

Greyzone JACKIE LEE "Jackie"
(BISS, Int.CH, Multi CH Davora Bremar Mark of Ashlaren & Grey Classic's Gotta Kick Azz)
DEEP FOREST Just Weimaraner Btr, CACT, Zw-F I., Zw-E I., Zw-C I., SWD III., Wa, Sv "Sam"
(Int. CH, Multi CH Mr President Imperium Star & PL CH Iron Etna Just Weimaraner)

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Actually, I am still pretty proud of my grey boys and a little bit of myself. 
2,5 years ago, we are seriously and consistently started with hunting training & practical hunting. 
Kyle & Sam are my first (hunting-) dogs. This means that I still have to learn a lot.
In this time we have incredible 17 qualifications and many other hunting diplomas in The Netherlands and Germany managed to achieve and in my opinion we are not finished with it until now.

KYLE of officially Int CH C.I.B., D CH VDH, NL CH AALTO Just Weimaraner (Le Fol Du Vent Fala Love'a & Iron Etna Imperium Star) is awarded 4x Excellent which is 1x CACT, 1x resCACT,  2x V.G., 1x G 

SAM, of officially DEEP FOREST Just Weimaraner (Mr President Imperium Star & Iron Etna Imperium Star) is awarded 4x Excellent which is 1x CACT,  
4x V.G., 2x G

In my opinion I am very lucky with two fantastic dogs who are allowed to do where they are born for- hunting!


Sam again in the picture..........
This time there is a story about the Dutch Championship in the magazine of the Weimaraner Club.
I am so proud, after Kyle,  Sam is the 2nd SH Weimaraner on this high level in The Netherlands.
Way to go!!!

April 2015

Windrose Around HOOKHAM PRIMA BALLERINA "ISA" enjoying a great time in the fields. She is such a smart and beautiful girl with lots of power in the fields.

ISA is a daughter of our stunning boy KYLE.

So proud of Isa and her owners Kasper Westinga & Anna de Graaf



Show debut for MIRABELLE Du Bouquillon aka PASTIS.
Daughter of our gorgeous boy SAM & lovely ZAZIE.

Baby Class, very promissing 1 BEST BABY OF BREED

I am very proud!
Thank you Anita for showing Pastis in this great way.

Way to go......
Mirabelle Du Bouquillon "PASTIS"
Mirabelle Du Bouquillon "PASTIS"



Grey Classic's Kick Azz "Lolita" is confirmed in whelp!
Our stunning boy KYLE will be father again 😃

Around 7 may the puppies will be expect @Kennel GREYZONE

For more informations please click here

Trailer of DEEP Forest Just Weimaraner "SAM" 
To see the video please click here

Windrose Around JENNY LIND ISLAND "Malou" almost 8 months.
Malou is the beautiful daughter of our gorgeous SAM & the lovely girl Flord.
She is living with her family in Norway!
So proud of Malou.


I am thrilled.............
Just received a picture of SAM's beautiful daughter MIRABELLE Du Bouquillon "Pastis" 
She is almost 5 months and already very nice matured. 
Next months Pastis will start her show carrier @International Dogshow Goes (NL)
Thank you Anita (Kennel Du Bouquillon) for this fantastic picture 😊
MIRABELLE Du Bouquillon "Pastis"
MIRABELLE Du Bouquillon "Pastis"

8 & 9-3-2015


We are proud to inform that we celebrated a succesful mating between 
Grey Classic's GOTTA KICK AZZ "Lolita" (Multi BIS, BISS, WW'10, resWW'09, EW' 09, JWW' 06, Multi CH, Int.CH Nobiskrug Playing Allegro & Multi CH Soul Coast Grey Classic's Foreing Affair) and our stunning boy 
AALTO Just Weimaraner " Kyle" (RWW'10, C.I.E., C.I.B., Multi CH Le Fol Du Vent Fala Love'a "Foldek" & PL CH Iron Etna Imperium Star  "Etna")

If everything is going well Kennel GREYZONE WEIMARANERS, Belgium expect 

a versatile litter early may 2015! 

For more informtions about the future parents please click here

LOVE ❤️❤️❤️
LOVE ❤️❤️❤️



I am proudly present the long awaited litter @Kennel OF THE NOBILITY OF SOUL (NL)
Early in the morning Bubbles gave birth to 7 strong and healthy puppies, without white spots.
5 lovely girls & 2 goergeous boys.

For more pictures please click here

Puppies few hours young
Puppies few hours young



A whole story about the Dutch Championship blood tracking 2014 and Sam's succesful participation. 
I am so incredible proud of our gorgeous boy.
Sam is, after Kyle, the 2nd Weimaraner in The Netherlands who is in the TOP 5!
I am blessed with 2 fantastic boys.

More pictures and the whole story click here



Bubbles is confirmed in whelping of minimum 7 puppies. 
The approximately date of birth is around 7march 2015. 
Can't wait to see the little grey marvels - the first offspring in the Netherlands of our gorgeous Kyle. 

For more informations please feel free to click here of visit the  


Sam @gun dog training.
Retrieving fox of approximately 9KG - in slow motion 
Click here for the video.



5th place for Sam during Dutch Championship FT blood tracking 🐗🐗🐗

Today my gorgeous boy DEEP FOREST Just Weimaraner "SAM" was invited for the Dutch Championship for the best 10 gun dogs - all breeds.

What a great honor to be a part of a day like this.
And what a double honor, because last year I joined this day with my stunning boy 
Int.CH, Multi CH AALTO Just Weimaraner "KYLE" 

The circumstances were very difficult, because since monday evening we had lots of rain and stormy weather, not so best for tracks of 40-44 hours old. Further more there was lots and lots of temptation.
Sam did a good job! Quite early he had the game in his nose and he was very excited & full of passion.
But he had to follow the track and he did!
He found the game and I was full of pride and happiness!  

Finally he is awarded with the 5th place.
How amazing is this?  

Sam started exactly 2 years ago with this speciality and he is doing such a great job!
Thank you so much my gorgeous boy - I lovNe you so much! 


For more pictures please click here


Our boys are going to be famous. 
In only one week time the picture of Kyle and Sam is showed in 3 Dutch Hunting Magazines! 
It started with the Waidmannsheil, than NOJG and finally De Jager. 

So proud! 


To all our friends around the world......
Have a very happy and healthy New Year!

Hugs from your team of The Amazing Grey Treasure