23-11-2014 Workshop Blood Tracking

Today the Dutch Weimaraner Club (WSH) had organised a workshop in blood tracking.
10 inexperienced dogs have participated, with their handlers, in this workshop, as well Kyle's daughter Isa.
Before the participants could start, Sam & I gave a demonstration how does it work.
As always Sam did a perfect job!
I was so proud of my gorgeous boy who only was focussed on his work.

Isa has run a great track and has shown that she is full of passion and has an excellent nose.
At the end of the workshop there was an evaluation of each dog.
The instructor who is also judge explained that 2 dogs have noticed especially positive.
One of these dogs is Isa!
He said that she is a very promising and high potential girl!
Way to go Isa & Anna, you both did an incredible job, congratulations.
DEEP FOREST Just Weimaraner "Sam"
DEEP FOREST Just Weimaraner "Sam"