Workshop blood tracking for Kyle & Sam's offspring

The Weimaraner is an all round hunting dog, used for in the fields, forest and water - before and after shot.

They are having a very good nose and this is one more reason why we are using them for natural blood tracking.

I as a huntress and owner of 2 stud dogs - Kyle & Sam - took my responsibility and organized a workshop blood tracking for beginners. The animo of breeders and owners in the Netherlands and Belgium was amazing but unfortunately it was only place for 10 dogs. On 5 march we came together to join a beautiful day in the field and forest where the owner learned a lot about blood tracking. 

Well, I can say that I am incredible proud of all 10 boys and girls. Each of them has a very good nose and I saw fantastic work. When I am honestly......, the owners having more to learn in this speciality than their dogs.


A great thank you to all owners and breeders for your interest, your time and all your love and care for your greys.


In the beginning of next year there will be another workshop and I am looking forward to see you back!