From hunters - for hunters

Planned working litter @Of Mauve Grace, Netherlands


Mother will be Mc Aphria of Critterville "Mauve" 

DOB: 13-02-2015

HD:    A

Correct scissor bite & complete teeth






Mauve is a lovely girl with a great temperament and a huge will to please.

She is a fully used as practical hunter.

Mauve's speciality is goose hunting but she also loves small game hunting, big game hunting and natural blood tracking. 

Mauve is a balanced and social girl and is living as a full member in her family. 


Father of this litter will be our stunning boy DEEP FOREST Just Weimaraner "Sam"

For more informations about Sam please click here.....


If everything is going well kennel Of Mauve Grace expecting the little greys around 05 april 2018.


For more informations about this litter please feel free to get in toch with family Claassen,


Succesfull mating 03 & 04-02-2018
Succesfull mating 03 & 04-02-2018

03 march 2018

Mauve is confirmed in whelp.
If everything is going well, puppies will be born around 05 april 2018
Click on picture to see the video
Click on picture to see the video

04 april 2018


The countdown has begun..........

Can't wait to welcome the little greys

05 april 2018


Today Mauve gave birth to 9 healthy and very active puppies.

7 lovely girls and 2 strong boys.



Puppies 1st week
Puppies 3 weeks 
Puppies 4 weeks and ouder